Sometimes It Happens Like This

Darwin's Waiting Room

Since i was a kid i've had a black cloud follow me
I need to clear my head before the ground starts to swallow me

Killed your companions then complained of loneliness
Well, sometimes it happens like this
Cuz des fois ca se passe comme ca

Try to concede, you want what i don't need
You fled with summer's speed, most likely to succeed
You never played the lead, but starred in many downplays
Malaise infects my airways, affrays echo for days
Accumulating slow like snowfall, forestall to walk and just crawl
Enthralled to the beck and call
You ride the rails, tied my body to the track
Watched the trains run me over, never ever looking back

Staring at you teary eyed
How could he never know
Always being pushed aside
How could he never see
Images of patricide
That's how i always knew

Something is wrong with the way that i feel
With the way that i feel inside me

So don't try
Friend you ain't no friend to me
What you are i'll never be
Get the fuck away from me
I'm stronger now

Cuz des fois ca se passe comme ca
Nothing you say can heal these bruises i conceal
Appologies are like a virus and can't change the way i feel
Should i reconcile so you can smile, rebuild our rapport
So you can bait the lure for yet another whore
Des fois ca se passe comme ca
Step-mother, steps away from being a mother
Already got one and i love her, why the fuck i need another
Or a father, who never bothered, why bother to exist
Watch your sun eclipse, i wipe your name from my lips

Longed to be your son, some things are never too broken to be
But you're dead in me
I longed to be your son, some things are never too broken to be
But you're dead, you're dead

Don't try
I'm stronger now.

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