I neither smoke nor drink nor swear,
My habits are sublime,
And at the risk of seeming square,
Resist temptation all the time!
One weakness i possess,
In all meekness i confess;

My one bad habit is falling in love,
And falling right out again!
My resolution - forget the past,
Don't fall too fast,
Make it last!

The dreams that mattered
Have all been shattered,
They're long since scattered,
My grand illusion
Was all delusion,
My revolution is on!

To break the habit of falling in love
With someone who doesn't care,
I'm out to conquer; so love beware,
No more despair
In this love affair!

It's now or never,
My last endevour
To love for evermore!
So please treat me gently,
For evidently
Your bad habit,
Like my bad habit,
Is falling in love;
Just one little shove
And i'll start fallin' again, yeah!
I'll start fallin'again, oops!
Let's start fallin' again!

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