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Fuck You Bitch

Dave Herrick

Welcome to the beast house, your back so soon
Like youve never been, on every full moon
And I am starting to realize for the first time
If I dont get out soon, Im really going to die
As though it is meant to be i cant think straight
My mind is a blur and it is fluttering with hate

To the beast I am nothing, or so shell say
Here in the lair, trying not to see another day
Because pain heals in time
Soon we will all die
Now you can fuck god because I am still alive

Things will get better, or so the beast will sing
but nothing has changed, its the same fucking thing
Its last breakdown, it fucking flew
Cursing of dissaproval on everything I do
If this will continue, fucking tell me atleast
Because someday my spirit will rest in peace

To the beast I have nothing important to say
Now in the forest wondering if Ill see another day
Or if I will be saved in time
Not left here to die
And I Fucking blambe god because Im still alive

But there is new hope with a blessing from a friend
I can defeat the beast and be standing at the end
Because I will no longer fucking bleed
For the addiction that i would feed
I kept telling myself it is all in my head
The rejection is killing me, but Im already dead

I dont care anymore what the beast will say
Still breathing the air, thankful I woke up today
I have yet to be saved in time,
But i no longer wish to die
And I thank god because I made it alive

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