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How The South Has Won

Dave Herrick

When my world turned around more than once in a day
And Im saving up all my words but have nothing to say
When my life buries me inside a dark toom
I thank god that I'll always have my basement room

I have nothing to loose and I have no regrets
I make no promises but I have empty threats
Thinking about anyting to take my mind off death
But the thought remains how tonight I will take my last breath

No matter how big the room is the walls seem to cave
Only when im in my room I escape my shallow grave
My eyes see no vision but my mind sees so clear
Now on my death bed I no longer live in fear

Dont tell me im being dramatic or exactly how i felt
You were there but ignored me on my last cry for help

Only in death will you realize the true meaning of life
Sudden impact catches you off guard and stabs you like a knife
Harsh words that you know speak of nothing but the truth
The regrets you have are the ones that hold your noose

Make it up in some other way
I dont want to see you today
So dont tell me what to say
I know the price I will pay

Suicide suicide why are you on my side?
I cant ignore you and pretend you arent there
Why must you stalk me convince me to die
Your life already has taken it's share

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