Leon Takes Us Outside

David Bowie

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Valentines day, 25, june, 16th, wednesday, july 6th, 20, 0, 20, 15,
Martin luther king day, june 18th, june 6th, wednesday,
August 18th, 9th, 1999, 12, nicholas, august, wednesday, 13th, sunday, 5th,
March, october, january, october 13th,
Wednesday, martin luther king day,afternoon, in view of nothing, 20, 0, 1,
Late winter, martin luther king day, 12, 16,
August, wednesday, 13th, friday, 7, june.

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Composition: Brian Eno / David Bowie / Erdal Kizilcay / Mort Garson / Reeves Gabrels / Sterling Campbell · Is this not the composer? Let us know.
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