Photo of the artist Dødheimsgard

The Snuff Dreams Are Made Of


The castle of death
Gets under your skin
Like a fucking virus
Ushering you in
This body of bile
This body of needs
The world is transparent
You will never leave

Ride the paranoia
All life is pain
Only the Grave
Is real

Spitting the salt
Chalked out for good
Clutching your marbles
Dead as fog

Iron teeth turn the weeds
This fallow soul bleeds for me
Practising suicides
Introvert sadist mindfucker
This method is mantric
Curled up for the carver

On the broken saddle
Red-suckled with fear
Flogging the saints
For wasted days
Bone palace greed
shunning the poison
Gritted ground gears
Barricaded youth
Born on your knees
Toll to bell - Horror
Sheds rusty tears

The snuff dreams are made of
The pendlum stops
Every mouth chews the silence
Minds fold over at the edges

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