Roll up
Roll up
Come see the oddities
Unaltered beasts
Or the girl who swallowed knives
The invisible cannibal
The strangest foe of all time
...For your own very eyes
Come see the freaks
Come see the freaks
Children made of raw meat
Shark mouths of blazing impurity
Down in the dumps
Down in the doldrums
Where only the fucked up
Forage for their forms

Nervous twitches at 2AM
In a bed of cracked ribs
Jerking off in a circus of secrets
Pressure sweating you slowly insane
We all become new fanged Gods
To old for regret
To ill for death
I trust myself and no one else
I drink to your bad health
Like the carrion fiend
At a blessed feast
The bones you were born with
Yearn to be seen
An imperfect fake with the same name
Searching for language
Of an inner being

Jackhammer magnificent
Chainsaw buddhist
Unspoilt and unbeautiful
Arrogant until proven guilty
The heart is deceased above all things
Inflammatory flawed creation
Plastic dolls for the role models
Bedraggled in bad guts
Home to dogtown pillbox
"Let's go out and live in an illusion together"
Wash your mouth out with lies
Searching in vain forever
For one of your own kind

A human cannonball
Boiled beaten an bleak brown
Miserable odes tiled on your skull
A scholar of war on a bonegrinding railroad
Smalltown sweatheart in a sordid bloodbath
Memories and anecdotes kicked in the face

Like a railroad of blind windows
Butchered in the snow
Crumpled angel at the end of the avenue
Making shapes from strangers faces
An empty disguise
With nowhere to go

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