Confronted with his realm
the executioner who erased his feeble abscess
The fear of fright and a powersource
beyond his common reach
It slayed him self in devotion and resistance
One for each defeat
The image, reflections, casted from him self
The human and his ideal
Blessed by the superior, who faced himself; faced his fear
Ravished his mind in triumphant attack
and came far more closer to his king
In the traces of reality
he returned with the knowledge of
his present being
and what reality brought in the
absence of common sense
Only when his needs are granted
his mind can start to absorb the
traces of reality
Who never knew of and would see as dreams
For somewhere they will fall apart
Sometimes they do
But heals fast so they can fall again
and be disturbed by the faces inside
him self
The ones he fear the most
A day will come? When Belial get his surprise
and the fool becomes crippled
Reality - larger than mans illusions
or is it me?

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