When I last saw you
You seemed the same
Not much had changed
Then I walked past your window
You were there with somebody else
And I knew their name
But I still feel the same
Should I just walk on by
If you're with someone else I'll surely die
Oh I would surely die.

Don't wake me if I'm dreaming
You know what I am dreaming of
That you wnat me to want you
Well, I still want your love.

I cannot carry on
Now that we're through
I used to have the best times with you
Everyday is the same
When I'm not with you
It's winter again and there's nothing to do
Now that you're gone
I cannot carry on

My world is empty
But I feel no pain
I'll never fall in love again, uh uh
And if you're new love should let you down
Don't you think twice, just hurry around

You know that I'll be waitin
To have you back with me again
And if you do not want me
Tell me that this is the end

I cannot carry on....

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