Now that it's the weekend and the night is mine
I need a little extra kick to blow my mind
Nothing caught my eye until they brought you in
A little touch of innocence and so much sin

And if I drink too much, and smoke too much
It's all that I can do
You hold my dreams, inside your jeans
I said hey, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

*My love is taller than the Empire state
Your love is deeper than Geneva Lake
I want you, you want me
International thing you got me on a string
I want you, you want me, International thing

I could take it easy, try to play it slow
'Cos if lose my cool, then babe you're sure to go
This might take some time, and that's brand
New to me
I can take a back seat, work it patiently

And if I spend too much and talk to much
It's what you made me do
The ones I like are not always nice
I said hey! Yeh! Yeah!

It takes two to make the night alright
Only you could make me feel so nice
It takes years to get'yer pants that tight
Only stars shine so bright

You made front page news across the world
When you overdose in Rome
The things you hate, the pills you take
I gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gottarghhh

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