Screaming through the iron bars
Knowing the time is running out
Here they come to make their day
Lead me through the roaring crowd
I`m waiting for the toll of the bell
The people cast their stones and yell
I look at the hangman dressed in black
I`m scared to die, can I come back?

The rope is scratching my skin
The trap-door's moving under my feet
I realize the situation I'm in
A last wish is what I need
So, my life comes to an end
I hope there's more beyond this land
Say a prayer, so I can forgive
So here I go, my final whiff

Live to die, where the soul goes on
When the body is gone, die to live

It's a place like in a dream
There's no rank among the dead
We died together in one big stream
You meet the people you've never met
Only place left for a few
If you lived your life maybe for you
But I know my place, I know my name
So it can never be the same

Live to die, for evermore out of sight
In a city of light, die to live

Live to die, this eternal night
For those who died, die to live

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