Losing control, but I'm never give in
This is your game that I'm gonna win
Do it for kicks, so you play with fire
Say one word and I call you a liar
I`ll come so far to you, don't know what you've gotta do
Your dream is a nightmare, you'll live your life in dispair

You just talk
But I hear no sound
You let it fall
The peices to be count
I'm waiting for a mistake
I'm waiting so I can break you

In the north, where the ice must melt
The soul was hard, so it must felt
It crossed your mind and spoke with evil tongue
Anything you do, will never last long
Say it's the truth, when I know it's a lie
Down at your back "are you ready to die"

Now the time has come for me
For believing all the things I see
Wish you had never been born
So I seperate the chaff from the corn
Feel my angel eye, drop down and start to die
I will never fail, your name is now a tale

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