Reach deep within where reality is hard to find
Search in the corners of the winding mazes of your mind
Seek out the treasures that open doors that some keep sealed
Believe in your dreams and a wonderworld will be revealed
Come to the boundless land somewhere inside your fantasies
Built by dreams and magic the secret place that none have seen

Chase the horizons, catch the illusion
Remember the child within
There's no tomorrow just sadness and sorrow
Hold on to the Ancient Dreams

Great kings and tyrants, unicorns and elflords
Devils and demons, dungeons and dragons
Phoenix is rising up from the ashes of the wind
Born into glory, then back to ashes once again
High flies the dragon, the ruler of the seven skies
Riding the winds, not knowing that he just can't die

See how the wizard cast his spell with maddened eyes
Using his magic to reach the heavenly skies
Witness the alchemist turning all his lead to gold
Try after try, begging that his fantasy will hold
See how the rainbow bends it shape into the sea
Follow the sign and your dreams will be reality

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