Photo of the artist Deinonychus

A Gathering Of Memories


Within the bleak walls of this great castle, I
Shield my eyes and hide from the light
Tears of blood fall from my face, as I cast my
Mind back through ancient times
It must have been centuries since I took my
Last supper in anothers company
I feel the loneliness even more without my
Beloved who shared it all with me
For she died three hundred years ago, her
Lifeblood drained as much as mine
Yet she never drank from that others vein, the
Nectar that brought eternal life
Through all the years I left a trial of blood
But failed to quell the loss inside
Oh yes! This story is about my bride

Yes it is possible to know pain without a heart
That night of August though centuries ago has left me lonely

No life! No light
No love! I truly died

Now I found someone who cared for me, should I
Promise her eternal life?
For I don't believe I can forget, meeting in
These cold December nights
I awoke to realise that love is real, but
Should I tell her all? I couldn't decide
Only later I found that she had already gone
Too late now to change her mind
Once again I'm a prisoner in this castle
Forced into shadow away from the light
The blody tears still falling, as I sought
Relief in recalling those ancient times
Still I dwell like a leech on the blood of
Others, never will I claim whats mine
Oh yes! This is a story about me and my life!

I am the eternal, never will I be free
Those sunfilled landscapes are just a memory
That leaves me lonely

What should I do
Riding the winds of despair

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