Photo of the artist Deinonychus

The Final Affliction Of Xafan


A hurricane approaching fantastic and
In the horizon the ultimate thunder
proclaiming it's reign
Continual flashes perpetual ligthnings
The arrival of the grandsin, revealed in
The satanic power unmasking the lies of the
Instauring the kingdom of darkness, the truth
of pain…

Amazing gift, lord satan!
In the eye of the typhoon, thunder is
Diabolical rituals of destruction and dark
A living nightmare with with a tenebrous
Billions of bloody drops falling upon the
crushed buildings
Under the gothic ruins, the cadavers of

Sculptures of angels crumbling from the
religious monuments
Menacing gargoyles remain upon the cursed
These worrying presences applauding the razor
In romanesque churches, hundreds of believers
For the dissapearance, without succes, of this
nocturnal evi
Because the tunnel vaults are burying their
desperate plans

Beyond all the basilicas, campaniles, churches
and cathedrals
Dominating the flamboyant, the romanesque, and
the perpendicular
Announcing the coming of another blackened era
Sustained by the ancient power of Goetia
Penetrating the sacred ornament, and the
desecrated churches
It's the ultimate force of the blasphemous
prince of evil

And i am the prince des tenebres, illuminated
by the power of Xafan!

I am the Vortex
I am the Beast
I am the Disease
I am the bloody Axe
I am the sadistic Sex
I am the dark Abyss
I am the Fear
I am the occult Hex…

And now you are mine...

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