Possessed With Damnation


The spell of the darkness
The black of the light
The force of damnation
The mayhem and might
Awaiting the hour
By the sign of the moon
Light the black candles
Invoking the forces of doom...

Possessed... Possessed by damnation (x4)

The mother is screaming
Screaming in pain
The demons are chanting
Chanting his name
"Satan our master
Tonight you shall be born
And evil incarnate
Shall take human form!"

Possessed... Possessed by damnation

The birth is painful and violent
The mother - she cries
To see pure fucking evil
In the child's eyes
The demons rejoice
At birth of the beast
They join in their master
On the mother they feast...

The spell of the darkness
Now takes control
The force of damnation
Overtook the child's soul
The cross is inverted
Now and forevermore
Upon a nuclear throne of armageddon
The son of Satan commands this war!

Possessed... Possessed by damnation

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Written by: Dekapitator / Matt Hellfiend. Isn't this right? Let us know.