I am entrapped in a black nightmare's dream
Where death takes my voice and captures my scream...
Cry out in fright
In the dead of the night
The visions from hell
The tales they will tell...
Haunted by evil!!!
The horror begins as my soul burns to fire
Echoes of their laughter send flames burning higher...
Midnight chimes
I'm losing my mind
If i cannot awake
My soul they will take...
Haunted by evil!!!
This infernal nightmare is my everlasting fate
I'd let out a scream but it's already too late...
Beyond death i am doomed
Now my nightmares come true
At the toll of the bell
My soul will be taken to hell...
Haunted by evil!!!
Haunted by evil!!!
Haunted by evil!!!

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Written by: Dekapitator / Matt Hellfiend. Isn't this right? Let us know.