Slaughter in the Name of God (Theory in Practice)

Depressive Winter

since the night of times
religion is in the heart of all conflicts
generating violence, terrorism and fanaticism
and killing out unbelievers
for a non-existent icon

the Christians threw
in the lapse of memory
all those which did not venerate their idol
and which did not read
their books of scabious dogmas

but all these "sheeps" will end up awaking

24 august 1572 when the chimes
of the church sounded the alarm bell
these men with white crosses on their pourpoint
massacred, cut the throat of, violated
for the pleasure of Medicis

remember these words left any rights of the paradise
"Eh bien ! Par la mort Dieu, soit ! Mais qu'on les tue tous,
Qu'il n'en reste pas un pour me le reprocher après !"

remember when the phalangists
slaughtered thousand innocents
in the refugee camps of Sabred and Chatila
although by taking religious difference
for example of conflicts
the church was always there to judge others

but I will not fall into the trap
my religion is my philosophy
my god is my single person

my statements will be the plague
and your weapons will be mine
violence, terrorism and fanaticism

the begining of slaughter in the name of god
the begining of slaughter in the name of god

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