Back to the Crystal


Iced wonder
All my body stops, is not a game
And my limbs are burning, I feel my hate
Hopelessness I feel!
Don't believe it
Because you are trying to deceive me, bastard!
That this place of glory
Now shows me hostility and my worth
Trapped inside this ice

Lord I've never felt in my life this kind of pain
And in my blurred visions I can still see their chains
All at once my trusty soldiers were all around me
Under the rain in the shadows of their treason
They are trying to take me now for no good reason
We are used to adore him like he was an idol
Back to crystal lake!!!

But my courage
Raise out from my soul calling for revolution oooooh !
I'm drowning my long knife from the sheath
To kill his messenger!
Loren killed!
This is ain't lie for this human creature
Still can't believe
But my army is beginning to cry
They know that its true

My dagger on this bastard!Wanna put tonight!
A slow motion scene or faster?Let's begin to fight!
Your head is falling down
In this picture in my mind
I think this homicide
Is a real way out to calm my hate

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