Astar's Destruction


Night impends over astar
Can you hear the laments of the wolves?
Coldness surrounds the town
Freezing the citizen's bones

Black night came down over astar
And derdian's army was born from nothing
Dragging the smell of destruction

Screams of tormented souls run in this demon's army
Thirsty for your blood and slaughter

In front of these troops they're going
The derdian warlord runs
They arrange to immediately advance
Against the astar walls

The wind is blowing all around
Hiding the noise of the horses
And agonizing cries of the souls

Wolves stop suddenly
The city is invaded by derdian,
The slaughter is started
Just scream, just sword's stokes that
Make infinite the night

And now the battle has come to an end,
Only death and desolation everywhere…in the demons' eyes

The derdian warlords are trough
Astar has vanished and the souls
Of the inhabitant have joined together
To increase the enemy's torment

A strange light shines, in this new dawn
A town's soul, destroyed to defend its beliefs
Its future. only memories and hopes remain
Of that dream

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