I was born with a heart
That drags me down deserted roads
And wrecks me in the dark
And all that I wanted here
Was a break from my life
After the hardest year

And when will I get used to this?
Breathing life into these things
I love them, then they quit on me
And oh, it's like I still believe
I'm the best thing in your life
And you're the one for me


And oh, I can't get over you
I was born to run
And you were born to see things through
And oh, what you taught me, dear
If I don't learn to love
I'm going to die of fear

Driving in my car, on the phone
It's clear to me, so we agree
Now I can come on home
Oh, welcome back to you
Give me time to find the words
I want to tell to you


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