I could tell a tale so blue
A ship has wrecked where I found you
A captive so delirious
Here's a truce to show I'm serious

Take it slow, don't be afraid
I'm asking you: Are you okay?
I'll bandage up your arms, your legs
And leave you where the wounded lay

Have some faith in me, for once
If I get sick again, will you call a nurse?
Isn't love enough for the girl you love?

After the fall of your great escape
Don't you dare come running
With your arms wide open

And if I fall?
You're going to call out my name
Over the sad refrain
Boy, you better keep that to yourself

You can take the love out of a lover
But that ain't never coming back
You'll have this car that won't turn over
Throw the engine on the rack
It looks fine from the highway
But if you get down on your knees
There's a story there of rusty
Busted, belly underneath

We took our last nap together
In my cabin in the woods
Thought of all the goodbyes that I've said
This goodbye was for good
It was great when we were wasted
But mostly it was hard
Oh, the secret life I lived
Under the cannibal of heart

It ain't right, no, and it never was
What he said, but now what he does
It's still a lie, even if she don't notice
What a boyfriend does behind his girlfriend's back

If I ask for a sailboat
And you say yes
Promise please when you wake in the morning
No regrets for me

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