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Fell Off The Floor, Man


Rubbadub a tub fish (Ping Pong)
Sneakin' in the dead zone (Boneyard)
Sippin' on a catlap (Sing Song)
Trimming off my nostril hairs (Headcase)
An angel in a mellowcake (Courtpie)
Rubbin' like a pussucat (Gridlock)
A stone within my eyeball (Too Too)
Dancin' with my socks on (Oh Man)
Singin' like a tomtit (Stop Cab)
Entering a smoky barroom (Hey You)
Smuggling a wombat (Rubbaday)
Chewing on my necktie (?)
Tumbling in the margerine (Heroine)
Hidden in the ribbongrass (Too Too)
Actin' like a baby (Headcase)

I don't need no thoughts in me, don't you wanna rescue me ?
There's a little light below, go there when I want to go

Wanted by the bumbledom (Ping Pong)
Trying to pry the red shoes off (Headcase)
Licking on my ice cream cone (Heroine)
Surfing in the kitchen sink (Rubbaday)
Sippin' on a diet coke (Hey Dude)
Tanglin with the intercrop (Tip Top)
? (?)
Change a tenner for two fivers (?)

Rita Hay(worth) (x 4)

Going out to steal a ruby (x 4)
Looking like a rayon, love to keep it indoor
They all got a say on, falling off the damned floor
Succulent but sucked in, always I'll be in for
One thing to be tucked in, falling off the same floor

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Written by: Julle DeBorgher / Stef Kamil Carlens. Isn't this right? Let us know.