It's just your manood Kev oh it's your manhood,
Your a man is that understood?
There's no more frightened man that walks,
My fear comes each time somebody talks,
(but dont you have enough to eat?)
Oh yeah, but deep down I feel so poor,
I feel rejection everywhere, even when she isn't there,
I admit my god I was scared(but not anymore).
And I got scared to say "hello"
I was always thinking that they would want to go,
and though I hated myself I also felt that I
had to shine somehow.
(Are you always feeling guilty?)
(Do you envy those who care free?)
I was scared that I planned my every move.
Its just your manhood, oh its your manhood
Your a man, is that understood?
But will I always be the stranger at the door?
Its just your manhood Kev its your manhood,
Your a man, is that understood?
I tried to love recently,
I found Im sick emotionally,
Michaela from my heart I didnt know what to do,
I dont think that i can stand this lonelyness no more,
Somehwere inside, there might be happiness,
I just could not seem to get it out,
(what is it that you want to say?)
I tried so hard to be a man, Ive often worried if I can,
My life just felt like a fight,
Let me tell you how for years,
I was waking up in fear,
Seemed like everything I did was judged all wrong(in my mind)
Until i could break free, I'd always be lonely,
what use is a broken man,
If its my manhood alright,
Why is it that I cant stand my lonliness no more,
Thats the way my life will be,
Im not supposed to be lonley,
Ive got one choice
(whats that?)

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