I thought they said neat when the schoolkids called me mate
I went home and told my mum after my first date
I hadn't long arrived from ireland, the boy kevinine
Generations before wolverhampton hadn't seen
We talked of america, the music and the life
Peter was the leader, he taught me how to fight
My life in england
I can remember st theresa's social where "kevin barry" rang out
My mum whispered to me
"Kevin, in england that song is not allowed"
I felt awake but at the same time romantic
Cut off and misty eyed
Their faces are so pained and melancoly
With smoke clouds on the side
My life in england
Later in london, ten year old kevinine
I wondered how things might have been if they'd stayed
The scruffy kids and the faces that I knew
Cos accents like mine, in harrow there were few
I learned to talk more cockney but thought about the wolves
The sound of wolverhampton, it's toughness and "the doug"
My life in england

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