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I'm Trying

Diamond Rio

She said I'm not pointing fingers
He said yes you are
Cause you wouldn't bring it up if you weren't
If I told you I've been walking out in the dark night thinking
Would you take this truth this alcohol is worth
oh I can't change what's done is done
but I can tell you this
not a day goes by that I don't curse myself and all my sins
and I need you to hold on to while this part of me is dieing
no i haven't kicked the demons that haunt me
I'm trying
I'm trying

She sat down on the floor
said I wish that I was stronger
right now I feel as fragile as glass
and I want to believe you believe what's held you has freed you
and i hate these doubts that keep on coming back
my parents think I'm crazy
for staying here this long
but there's nothing more i want for us than to prove to themthey're wrong
i don't want to be afraid I don't want to think you're lieing
though I haven't found the faith that I need
I'm trying
I'm trying

he asked do you want me to leave
cause if you do you know I will
but she said much to his disbelief
No I love you still
oh i love you still

He said I don't know why I've been the fool
but i can tell you this
Not a day goes by that I don't curse myself and all my sins
then he dropped down to his knees
by now they both were crying
he said I haven't been the man I want to be
but I'm trying
I'm trying
oh I'm trying
oh I'm trying

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