Sexy boyz
Fancy boyz
Play boyz
Bad boyz

I fink u freeky and I like u alot

Muddafukkaz get buzzed off da spice dat I bring
Guess who's got da party jumping?
Glow-in-da-dark rave aura pumping
It's nice it's different, yo fuck da system

My system pumps off it's fucking face
Step into my world, nou's jy tuis in paradys (now u home in paradise)
Yo, word up to my brudda muis (my brother, mouse)
Pomp op jou speakers, yo god se Jesus! (pump up yor speakerz, yo god's Jesus!)

Kyk wies rapping lekker 2 da drum (look who'z rapping nice 2 da drum)
Dese bad boyz like 2 smack me on da bum
My krews blowing up like chappiez bubblegum
Popping in your face, ntsaaa!

Yo fuck da rat face, my style is rap-rave
My krew is kak-fre$ (fucked-up fre$h), so who da fuck cares
What u fucking fink, i'm da type of chick
Who rolls wif spif giftige misfits (poisonous misfits)

I fink u freeky and I like u alot

Hold up! Woah woah woah! Wait a minute-minute-minute!
Jeeziz Christ!
Yo my man DJ Hi-Tek, shit! Dis muddafukkin beat iz nice!
Back in da day dem dwankies (retards) didn't wanna believe in us
Little did dey know dat dey was in 4 a muddafukkin big surprize

Left home locked in my zef zone
Ready 4 da test yo? What da fuk I guess so
Hit da overseas muddafukkin headz get blown
Get everyfing 4 free like Dr. Dre Beats headphonez

When I get home I lounge on my zef throne make
My mummy happy coz I get so paid
Making my money rapping over techno rave
I can take u round da world let's go babe

When I step up and do my thing I put u in a trance
My zef muddafukkin click got it going on
Fuck what u think I do what I want
I can make a million little muddafukkaz jump

Jump muddafukka! Jump muddafukka jump!

Increase da peace don't wreck da party
And fuck da jol (the party) 4 everybody
Ek's a laarney, jy's a gam (I'm da shit, you's a looser)
Want jy lam innie mang, met jou slang in a man (coz u chill in jail wif yor penis inside a man)

I fink u freeky and I like u alot

Now why u loer en kyk gelyk? (now why do u all peep and stare)
Is ek miskien van goud gemake? (am I made of gold or something?)
U want 2 fight? U come 2night!
Ek moer jou sleg! Jy haardloop weg (I fuck u up bad! U ran away)

God se Jeeziz (God's Jesus)! We cum 2 party
Pomp your speakerz! Yo rock your body
In god we trust! U can't fuck wif us
We not taking kak (shit)!

I'd like to say what's up
To my sexy boyz
And my fancy boyz
And my play boyz
And my bad boyz
And my pretty boyz
And my ugly boyz
And my naughty boyz
We gonna have a nice time kidz

I fink u freeky and I like u alot

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Written by: DJ Hi-Tek / Lily Roberts / Ninja / Yo-Landi Vi$$er · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
Sent by Fernando, Subtitled by Letícia
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