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Bran Nu Swetta

Digital Underground

It's not the weather, to wear no sweater..

Sometimes she changed like the weather
But no one loved me better
I'll never ever forget her
My brand new sweater
Nobody got her wetter
She told me in her letter
I bought her food and fed her
My brand new sweater

Baby said, "Ooh baby shoo-be-dooh
Let's hook up again cause the loving is cool"
I said "Yo, I gotta go, I got a show"
She said "I know, after the show let me cook for you
If you're hungry, you never know
You might need help with your laundry
Don't hesitate to call upon me
Before you go, would you meet my mother
She lives right around the corner
It's not a bother, meet my mother!"
I said "Woah, woah, woah, baby slow it down
I said I gotta go, I ain't say I'm leaving town
I got your number, stop tripping
Why're you flipping? Had a great time
Let me get my jacket, I'm dipping."
Hate, hate, hate the way I felt like I dissed her
"Wait, wait, wait" cried the pretty, young sister
She said, "Shock, while I got this chance
I've got let you know that if you rip your pants
I'll beee there, to sew the hole for your butt
Want a nut? Call me up, I'll pick you up in my jetta
No one's got me wetter
Shock, I never got freaked better!"
She said "Here, yo, it's all in my letter"
See, I just met baby last night
We g'd
While I was sleeping she was up
Creeping around writing letters to me
Man, I hate somebody all up in my face when I'm sleep
But I ain't sweating it
"Look, I'll hook-up with you next week"
She said "Wait, let me walk you to the street, baby
Sweet thang, don't forget to ready my letter!"
Somebody please help me:
I'm stuck wearing a sweater.

It upsets meee, when she sweats me..

Pee Wee? He went down to Montgomery Wards
Howzabouta Money-B? He went down to K-Mart
Yo, Humpty! I challenge you to a game of dominoes
A game of dominoooess

I've been sporting sweaters ever since I was a child
But nowadays sweaters kind of cramp my style
Cause up around the collar they be getting me hot
Believe it or not, my sweater used to the shot
The freak of my nature, my sweet, stick thing
But like George of the Jungle she had trouble with the swing
[Shock-G: Was she funking up the flow?]
Yeah, brah, she couldn't hack it
Started cock-blocking like a full metal jacket
Fingers did the walking, calling, tying up my phone
Boo had me under heavy surveillance at my home
Word to Mac Mone, suffocated my bone
Pulling on my hoodie in a nagging little tone
Where you going? Where you been? Who's Kim? Who's Felicia?
But I don't see no ring, I never met the preacher
I got to play you out, I mean the loving was phat
But you're a sweater, riding so heavy on my back

She wore a lot of leather
Baby, drove a jetta
I never used to sweat her
Yeah, but that upset her
No-one got her wetter
She told me in her letter
I'll never ever forget her
My brand new sweater

I got a brand new sweater
But I didn't get it from Mervyn's
Her friends be pulling wool but
My syringe pulls bull from the lens
Even then, I'll send you back for a refund
Plus she sport a good hat-terin (?)
That'd have been the end
If I let the sweater lay upon my skin
Great Scott, time for a rebate sale
We make mail, more than you think
As long as they're strong
And the cotton don't shrink
We can spend doe on a jane doe
Cause hoe got to have clothes, so
I buy the thread and let them weave
Leave it alone if you don't want to get worn out
I've got legions of sweaters for the seasons
I got blue when I'm sad, red when I'm mad
Pink cause I'm ticklish
When I'm being laid in green
When I'm getting paid
I don't have a problem if you wanna jock me
See cause, gs is what you're gonna clock me
Go ahead, knock me if you think I'm not shit
But when it comes to sweaters?
Saafir's a perfect fit

She was real go-getter
Her cheese smelt like cheddar
She let me use the credit
Yeah, but just forget it
She cried when I upset her
I should've treated her better
Maybe one day I'll go back and get my sweater

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Compuesta por: David Elliot / Greg Jacobs / R. Mohamed / Ron Brooks. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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