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Do you like it dirty?

Digital Underground

If you're into S & M, baby, you can hurt me
If you like going down, do me like a Slurpee
Do you like it dirty? Baby, come and serve me

Do you like it dirty?!
Some like it dirty and some like it clean

[Verse 1]
Don't throw me no soap
Cause it would just defeat me
Some like it dirty like this beat, see
Rapping off-kilter
Sometimes I hit the cigarette without no filter
I like it when it's lag-time
Let-my-pants-sag time
Let go and let my drawers show
And let them get so low
That I can let my funk fling out
I'm talking about when the nuns get naughty
When father hits the forty
(Shhh, now let's not get too sporty, son)
When the collard green juice gets the bread wet
When you're up so close that you can smell the sweat
Off a black, funky Tennessee butt
Like a bite into a salty Tampa Bay boiled peanut
(I hit a jet black ass in the back seat of a Nova)
Oh yeah? Well a hoe five-oh pulled me over
I swear, doing about a buck thirty
Instead of jail she took home and got flirty
The deal was a $1000 fine and a ticket:
"Or you can stick it."
"You're pretty but I haven't had a shower today"
She said "Come here, it's better that way
Tie me up and do anything you want
But don't hurt me"
So I..

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
A lot of people like rice better when it's brown
Like having sex on the ground
Instead of in a bed, instead of receiving head
A lot of people like going down
I side-stepped the line for a fresh cut
And instead, I keep my nappy curls in my head
I like to hear brothers spit game using dirty words
I like things colourfully stated
Everyday speech sounds dated
I like the freaks in the jeans
When the booty part's faded
Like my homegirl Rita
I used to chill on her sofa with my feet up
By the heater with my toes getting toasted
One day she came naked out the kitchen
With a bag full of groceries
She said "Like a blunt I want to toake you
And with this bottle of wine I'm going to soak you
May I Cherry-Banana Float you?"
I said "Is this a joke, boo?"
She said "I love you, my baby
And I wouldn't do nothing that would hurt you"
She took my clothes off
Started pulling food out the bag
And said "Yo, I'm 'bout to work you"
Yeah, I let her get the best of me
She was sitting next to me
Then baby started sexing me
Poked me with the peanut butter
Rubbed me with the jelly
She spread cottage cheese on my belly!
I said "Woah, baby, what you got in mind?"
She said "Relax"
Popped the top on a bottle of wine
Then she poured the wine down my back
It prickled and tickled when it reached my crack
I said "Oooh, I feel real freaky, my butt's real squeaky!"
She said "Cool" and then proceeded to eat me
Ate me up till my body was squeaky clean
Must have been a sex fiend
Like the freaks in the magazines
Poked out her lips, made her mouth like a funnel
Spun a brother round, went down on the tunnel
I said "Oh! There she goes"
She got live and let the tongue slide
On the black hole
And, yo, this was it
Baby was on some freshfruitfreakyfoodshit!
Honey on the side, jelly on the head
Peanut butter on the bedspread
Baby said "Do you like it dirty?!"

[Chorus x6]
Do you like it dirty? Hoe, you don't deserve me
Do you like it dirty? I fucked a hoe in Berkeley

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Written by: Carrie Askew / Clee Askew / Greg Jacobs / J.J. Jackson / Jeremy Jackson / Michael Boston. Isn't this right? Let us know.