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Peter Pan - You Can Fly! You Can Fly!


But Peter, how do we get to neverland?

[Peter:] Fly, of course!

[Wendy:] Fly?

It's easy! You think of a wonderful thought!

[The children:] Any happy little thought?

[Peter:] Uh, huh

Like toys at Christmas?

[John:] Sleighbells,snow?

[Peter:] Yeah, watch me now, here I go!
It's easier than pie.

[Wendy:] He can fly!

[John:] He can fly!

[Michael:] He flew!!

[Peter:] Now you try!

I'll think of a mermaid lagoon.
Ahhh, underneath the magic moon!

[John:] I'll think I'm in a pirate's cave!

[Michael:] I think I'll be an indian brave!

[Peter:] Now, everybody try!

[All:] One, two, three!

[Children:] We can fly, we can fly, we can fly!

(they all crash)

This won't do. What's the matter with you?
All it takes is faith and trust...
Oh, and something I forgot! Dust!

[Wendy and John:] Dust?

[Michael:] Dust?

Yep, just a little bit of pixie dust!
Now, think of the happiest things...
It's the same as having wings!

Let's all try it... just once more.

Look, we're rising off the floor!

[Michael:] Giminee

[Wendy:] Oh,my!

[Wendy:] We can fly,

[Peter:] You can fly!

[All:] We can fly!!!

C'mon everybody, here we go! Off to neverland!!!

Think of a wonderful thought
Any merry little thought
Think of Christmas, think of snow
Think of sleigh bells Here we go!
Like a reindeer in the sky

You can fly! You can fly!
You can fly! You can fly!

Soon you'll zoom all around the room
All it takes is faith and trust
But the thing that's a positive must
Is a little bit of pixie dust
The dust is a positive must

You can fly! You can fly!
You can fly! You can fly!

When there's a smile in your heart
There's no better time to start
It's a very simple plan
You can do what the birdies can
At least it's worth a try

You can fly! You can fly!
You can fly! You can fly!

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