Photo of the artist Disney

O Rei Leão - Timon's Dream


Theres more to life than panic
And being some other guys snack
I may be delicious, organic
But this lil ontrays fightin back
Im gonna leave tunnels behind me
And move to a new altitude
Im gonna reach to the stars to remind me
That meer cats are not meerly food!

For once I'll be
Lookin out for me

Il tell ya what I want, this cat is movin on
Cos im one hot dog, whos missin out on fun
Il be a bigger cheeze, far from the desert scene
A littel cooling breeze, a lil pagent green

And il be snoozin in my hamock by a ripplin stream
Many miles from any tunnel and the digging team
Lookin out for number one will be my only dream
Thats all I want, thats all I need

Ive allways been good at running away
But now im gonna run the sho-o-ow
Ive always been seen as the ultimate prey
But now my status aint so quo!
I dreem sublime
Its hiena time!

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