We're living in each other's arms,
Crossing the bridge over the waterfall,
Of our tears combined for the first time,
With our dreams dreaming them all.

But bridges fall apart,
And rivers run dry,
Because of the merciless

When we drown in fears,
We'll swallow our tears,
My sun and your moon,
Flowers thrive in bloom;

When the sky around,
Falls into the ground,
All the stars will run
For my moon and your sun;

When the sky of dark
Will become your park,
And the sky of blue
Whispers just for you.

Crystal lakes hold our souls,
We are diving for worse,
We're falling for better,
You're seeing my sun through your goals,
I am climbing your moon on my ladder.

Spinning the wheel of our mind,
Laughing so gentle and blind,
Counting for the sake of the art,
The moments that keep us apart.

Sighing over things we dare not to cry,
Hiding in the ruins of an old lie;
Speaking up the words we held in ourselves,
Drowning in the tears we put on our shelves;

Screaming to a world full of blind men,
Why should we do one thing for them;
Raging out in vain like a mad child,
The power supreme now has run wild.

Running through the sky,
Then you'll see the sun,
Dive into the moon,
Flowers thrive too soon.

Smile into the night,
I will hold you tight,
Take you on my flight
That I will have tonight.

Put your hand in mine,
As we cross the line,
To our dream divine,
Far beyond our time...

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