This is the tale of Elric
before he was called womanslayer
before the final collapse of Melnibone
this is the tale of the two
Black Swords

Mighty Elric, mightier sword
Sorcerer and swordman
slayer of kin
Lord of the dying race, king of ruins
Dragon master
Champion of Doom

Ymrrir the Dreaming city
Yrkoon,the hated usurper
Cymoril the beloved
all had fallen
to the fury and unholy power
of the albino prince
and his terrible sword

Stormbringer, black runesword
battle thirsty prince
blood-hungry sword
Stormbringer, sing a song of victory
and as I hold you in my hand
you drink the souls
of all my enemies
my enemies, oh drink the souls
of all my enemies

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