Seeking perfection I was all vanity, legions were coming after me
I was judged with hostility, I was acussed of envying
Your overwhelming power
Christ´s name is never heard he was a role model for men
There´s no point pronouncing it since everything is because for him

So here lies burning hell, hope vanishes after
getting in its Aqueronte walks from side to side
Earth howls when it receives the damned Limbo´s reserved for those
That never adored your work

They didn´t doubt a thing nor ever wonder if I could do it.
The desire of a perfect man, shows in each being the darkerside
Of this beautiful creation
Circles and circles go, towards darkness and fog
Minos has sentenced them all, you can hear their mourning all over

Soul tearing dog lake of hell, with black waters and mud
Worst punishment, of all, is not, being, able to see
the work of God Does not god want us, (to) see the truth?
Just to believe what, we all cannot see Hell's for (the) ones,
that don´t heed (the) creators will and trade omnipresence
for egoism, power and autorithy

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