You let me live in paradise where sorrow, hunger or pain couldn´t reach my human heart
You asked me to be true allowing me to know the truth, all the truth.
My soul created, by your own hand, carries on a struggle with my heart
You want me to be, blindly faithful, but gave me a world full of temptation
Full of questions which answers I´d like to know

Thirty, I listened to your words you set that need within myself
You asked me for strengh, I don´t know, I´m so weak, so small so fragile,
That my soul breaks in two, those two parts are me and you

Here he comes, he i sthe one, who will open your eyes
Here he comes, here he comes, don´t you let him talk
Full of questions which answers I´d like to know

Do not punish me Lord!!!!, do not keep me away from the light
I just want what´s forbidden but I cannot understand

Do not condemm me Lord!!!!, please keep me away from the sorrow
If this was your markon me how can you understand me?

Culpa, culpa, culpa! Nostrum primus noxa!
Metus, metus, metus! Nostrum primus poena!

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