Here in America it's a propaganda race
We're gonna put a teacher in space
Now we've gone and we've spread her far and wide
She's a great symbol of the national pride

Ollie Ollie North, North American hero
You know he knows no letter of the law
He's living proof, with a patriotic attitude
You can get away with anything at all

Down in washington they have their own language
They could talk forever and they'll never say a thing
Look at him up there, its an occupation
To keep us from knowing whats going on

Look at our President, he's dodging questions
Oh how his magic golden teeth glow
There's a major major disconnection
Between what he says and what he says he knows

America, so beautiful
oh you know its so wonderful and clean
America, so beautiful
Its the only place that I've ever seen

Pollution pollution condenses on my ceiling
Now it finally done drip on my face
Going to the doctor to find out if its malignant
To see if I can keep up this rugged pace

Goin' down goin' down to Three Mile Island
I got a big settlement in my hand
Trading in the health of my three children
In on a lousy fifty grand


Sexy world lives on my TV
wiggle and a jiggle is the name of the game
I'm so in love with two dimensional reality
and I'm sure you feel the same

Goin' to the shopping mall, shopping mall
gonna see myself in one and all
gonna come away so mighty disappointed
ain't got enough money for everything I wanted
Looking for a moral lesson down on Wall Street
I'm carrying ulcers in my feet
we're engaged in a reverse Robin Hood
all of my friends say that greed is good

Here in America everthing is bought and sold
you can get anything for little bits of gold
we'll rape the earth and ruin the air
cut down every tree from here to there


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