Kill Me (feat. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal)


(I just need to shout out Mackned & Thraxxhouse)
GothBoiClique in the club in the back now
In the way back, way way back
I'm Tory Lanez with the paychecks
A$AP with the lean, creasin' off bars & codeine
Mackned out on sunset back in Silver Lake, i was feeling that
Now everywhere I go L.A asks, "where the fuck is Wicca Phase at"
GBC out on that Thraxx tour
And I'm in L.A with a couple foreigns
We got Mercedes with four doors
We might just pack up the studio and hit the palm desert house Just to record, hear me echo off marble floors
Meanwhile, Wicca Phase is makin' so much money that Paypal hit him with a tax form

[Wicca Phase Springs Eternal]
Young tax form, young crash foreign
Young push start and I'm so torn
What's once love, now half that
See you're not here and I'm not home
SortaGoth with the four door, I took one more 'cause I needed more
After work I go to work, man, that's me and Døves and we're so Dior
I was envisionin' black clothes under black lights and it's past four
My cat there with its black coat and its black fur and its on the floor
Takin' the alternate path, man, GBC still in the back, man
Really had you in nothin' but black then
Really had my own foreign, then crash it
Tight waist, take me to your place
Only when it's right, only when it's safe

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