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So Long Goodbye

Down Low

Uh, yeah, c´mon,
Memories of time running thru my mind
So long goodbye…
Aha, can you hear me? C´mon

Many nights, I lay alone in my bed
Looking back on the letter she wrote
I just read
I can´t forget the moments and times I have of you
If you´re save, Dear Lord, to my loneliness rules
Shall I pick up the phone and just dial?
Or maybe shall I think it over, for a while?
The pain is so deep everytime when I sleep
and I record it all when I weep
But now we stay distant from one another,new people
in our lives that we claim as lovers
Touching her really don´t quite feel the same
If you ever been in love once feelings never change
I hope one day she realises and see she could
Have it all if she'd stay with me
Some nights I wish I wouldn't break down and cry
But live must take its course
So long goodbye…

So long goodbye, I can't stay
I don´t want to go away
So long goodbye, don't you cry

Can you understand that the way that
I feel or life tearing us apart for real
I wish I could playback time
But she got her life and I got mine
Before I have to go and before I die
It´s a struggle to live to keep my dreams alive

But one day I swear I´m gonna reach my goal
And just to be on top, whitout selling my soul
And maybe then we can work this out
And maybe then we can talk it out
And maybe then you´ll understand what I´m talking about

So long goodbye, I can´t stay
(Uh, yeah, c´mon, memories of time running thru my mind)
So long goodbye, don´t you cry
(can you hear me?)

I can´t stay, so I´ll go, so I´ll go

So long goodbye, I can´t stay
I don´t want to go away
So long goodbye, don´t you cry

So long goodbye…

Check, check it, check it, chek it out…check,
check it, check it, check it out out…

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