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Down Low

This is my story and I want you to judge for yourself
who is in the right, and who is in the wrong
now listen up as I explain
(european hip-hop to the core
and I'm gonna give you more)
(check it out)
it's my life!
yeah, come on
yeah, come on

[Verse 1]
Here come these verbs, listen to these words
when I kick off my lip, verses that I spit
my life has been sick and fall away into the glass
I've been shaked and kicked and broke into the last
I physically abused my wife until she left me
destiny for me has ended all tragicly
look at me I stand in the mirror
look into my eyes, all the pain, my life has been ended
my trainer thought he's beyond psycho-reasonably
evil thoughts in my head, I'm startin' to season me
she's took away my kids and slept with many men
and now my problems, with this girl are coming to the end
screamin' visions, (what I asked)?, shall I glance (?)
I gather my gun, my knife, my mask
a lunatic like me don't really cares who stands in the way
now journey with me, as I creep away

i'm creepin' away tonight
i'm creepin' away tonight
this is my life
and this is my knife
I'm off, too sad
a murder in the shadows night

[Afterchorus] 4x
you think that I'm gone when I go away
then you're comin' for me in the morning

[Verse 2]
Now I have dried, I run, duck, I hide
my knife is my dirty deal, adrenalin bleeds
in my mind these guilty feelins are frozen
these vicious slashes, from my mind has been chosen
I'm gonna commit a serious crime
I have to slice strictly, I'm running out of time
I bounce on my victim quick, this is the mind of a lunatic
blood is droppin' off my hand and poorin' down my sleeve
I jumped in my car quickly as I leave
I see the glimpses of their faces and they're tracin'
in the back of my mind I'm swingin' them paces
I take my mask off and I drop my knife
justice has been avenged in the night
I know they will trace this to where I stay
and that's the end of how I creeped away

Yo, I'm creepin' away and I'm not gon' get caught
'cause I'm me, and I'm the master
check, huh, you can't get me
I'ma always gon' get away
just like O.J. I'm gon' get away
I'm gon' get away because I'm me

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