30 For 30 Freestyle


Never thought I'd be talking from this perspective
But I'm not really sure what else you expected
When the higher-ups
Have all come together as a collective
With conspiracies to end my run
And send me a message
40, Did you get the message?

Cause I just checked my phone and I didn't get it
I mean, I say hats off for a solid effort
But we didn't flinch for a second, we got our shit together
Yeah, not here to fight wars
But niggas wanna talk high scores
Party just dipped off in a white Porsche
And I just came from dinner
Where I ate some well done seared scallops
That were to die for

But I got bigger fish to fry
I'm talking bigger shit than you and I
Kids are losin' lives, got me scared of losing mine
And if I hold my tongue about it, I get crucified
Wrote this shit on a bumpy flight on a summer night
Flying over chattanooga
Out here trying to spread the movement

I just got me the Mercedes pullman
You niggas never heard of it, you gotta hit up Google
Back in the city, shit is getting brutal
These kids'll hit your noodle
Then take a girl to the movies
They've been dropping out on both sides
We ain't in it, we just ghost ride
The pen is working if you niggas need some ghost lines
I thought you wanted yours like I want mine
I guess you just making moves on your own time
But just know it'll be January in no time
And your absence is very concerning

It's like you went on vacation with no plan of returning
Shit is purely for sport, I need a 30 for 30
Banners are ready in case we need to retire your jersey
I got a club in the raptors arena
Championships, celebrations during regular seasons
Paternity testing for women that I never slept with
I'm legally obligated if they request it
So much legal action like I'm michael jackson
Luckily, I'm great at avoiding distraction

Used to give no reaction, now I'm overreacting
Ah nigga, that shit gotta go platinum
I just listened to closer to my dreams
Wide eyed and uneducated at 19
I can't rap like that, all young and naive
Not after all of the shit I've seen and the things I believe
Drastically changing, thank you for all your patience
I'm just in a different space and I choose to embrace it
4, 000 Square feet just isn't as spacious
You loved me back in the basement

Guess it is what we make it
I'm tired of awkward exchanges
And nigga's crooked ways
Tired of champagne toasts with people that look away
Peyton and eli when niggas
Called me they brother the season start
And I don't wanna see you end up with nothing
Y'all throw the word family
Around too much in discussion
Rookie season, I would've never thought this was coming

They knees give out
And they passing to you all of a sudden
Now you the one getting buckets
They put their arm around you
Now you becoming the crutches
Kids got on your number
Cause you the one they look up to
And women that you seen on TV look better in person
And either they wanna fuck you or convince you
That they can to see where it goes from there
But these ain't the girls from brampton
This ain't that local action

The haters just bringing me
And my people closer, actually
What happened to the things you niggas said
Was supposed to happen?
Are we just supposed to ignore the fact
That it never happened?
We just supposed to get the pie and then split it in two?
Supposed to forget your mistakes
But not forget about you?

My plan was always to make
The product jump off the shelf
And treat the money like secrets
Keep that shit to ourselves
Papi champú, young pablito de seis Dios
6 G-o-d, I think I
Was destined for this shit
When I was 'round keyshia cole and t. I
And young dro was popping off with ain't I
Way before niggas had they hands out
Like they doing macarena
But who am I to complain now
I'm still around, they know

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