The same routine it´s turning me mad the days are longer
I don´t know what to do the clock is ticking very fast
My life is passing by i´m aging fast my strength is fading
The got damned system is burning me alive

Lies, deceipt, cheats, pain
Discrimination racism

Spread your wings it´s time to fly
Don´t look back, your choice in life
There is a chance at the end of the line
You have to take the right path

I want to leave this place, and never come back again
Society is crushing all the people dreams, i know
And every day that passes by the the frustration is bigger
The machine is fed by our hopes and dreams

Reorganize not military but intellectually
Cfk a puppet in this show , corrupted government decades of ignorance
Argentina abandoned territory, sell it to the highest bidder
Revolution time, wake up our children are dying

It´s like a puppet show setup without the strings
We have the power to turn the things around
And if we care a bit more, and stop fighting each other
The world would be a better place to live

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