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They Dont Understand (Pokemon)

Dream Street

They say, we're just playin' games
That it isn't real... but its what we feel, oh yeah
And they say, it doesn't make sense
That we're just wastin' time...and they wonder why, yeah

You know we got, our own special language
That only we can speak, ooh...oh yea
And parents never know just what it means, oh no...

They don't understand, how we communicate
Oh so many things, that we do and say
They don't really get, what its all about
No they never will understand Pokemon

I can't explain, if they don't know why
Ya see its everywhere, well...they must be blind, whoa
Pika-what? and Geo-who? it just goes to prove
They don't have a clue, no no...

Ya know we got our own world to live in, yeah
An we're so far apart, oh yes we are
To make it clear I don't know where to start, oh no


Ya know we got, our own special language
That only we can speak
And parents never know just what it means...
What it means...


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