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This Time

Dream Street

I never thought that I could miss
The touch of your hand or just one kiss
I never meant to say its over
Girl, I was a fool to hurt you so
I had it all and didn't know
But I still believe we can be in love again

This time I'm gonna find a way
To hold on to the love
That I thought we lost forever
This time I'll find the words to say
To make it better
Let's stay together this time

I kept my emotions locked inside
Only to watch love pass me by
But I've had time to think it over
My lonely heart has seen the light
So give me the chance to make it right
And I pray I'll see the day when you return


Please don't say goodbye (Hurting deep insider)
We can keep our dream alive if we try (Baby, this time…)
Oh baby this time

(Chorus to fade)

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