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Share My World

Dru Hill

Verse 1:
I've been waiting for a love like yours
To come and knock at my door
So tell me what you're looking for, baby
See I've been waiting for a lifetime
Just to meet love again
So take my hand, and let me lead the way

You're the one for me
And I'm the one for you
So come share my world
With me
You're the only one
The one that I adore
So come share my world
With me

Verse 2:
See, you're as lovely as a ray of sunshine
I wnna make you ine
Until the end of time, yes I do
There's no other
That can take your place
I wanna feel your warm embrace
I wanna feel your body baby


So take my hand and follow me
I wanna show you things
That you've never seen
True love, true love
Is so hard to find
I wanna be yours forever baby
And you'll be ine, ohhhhh

Chorus until fade

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