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Real Freak

Dru Hill

I know you what's your name
Play your game I think I may
Your eyes unique your breast your feet
Oh please tell me baby

Are you a real freak, baby tell me
Baby tell me , tell me what's it gonna be
Is it gonna be on the floor by the sofa
Or on the door then back on the floor like we did before
Baby straddle me by the T.V.
Baby tell me are you really a real freak?

You the ish Chinky Brown Eyes you so fly
Tell me what you like let me hit it from the back
Let me nibble on you neck
Let me make you soak and wet
Baby tell me won't you let me?


Seems like you wanna be holding me, touching me
But I can't tell if you want me
Do you want me
Do you need me
Are you gonna love me
Baby show me


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