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Say Goodnite to the Bad Guy

Drunken Master

[Drunken Master]
"Uh. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Drunken Master, what-what."

Yo, I'm 'bout ta fuck yo' head like Stevie Wonder with the clippas
("Yeah, yeah.") Drunken Master, mobbin' like a real nigga
Representin' wit' that hardcore rap shit
You ain't feelin' me? Meet me on the 'Lac, bitch
And we can blaze up a sack of the sticky-green medicine,
take ya places ya neva been
'cause I've been around the world without a doubt
doin' shit the average nigga dream about
Deep in the game like pussy on prom night
Livin' in the last days, tryin' ta get my mind right
Game tight, ridin' wit' the Outlawz
Playin' bustas to the left like a Southpaw
Straight ridin', strictly Eastsidin'
Mobbin' wit' my dogs, livin' like hogs, nigga
Chedda chasin' wit' five on the blaze up
'Bout to get my wait up and stick the whole state up

['Scarface' samples]
"You don't have the guts to be what you wanna be. You need people like
me. You need people like me so you can point your fuckin' fingers and
say 'That's the bad guy.' Say goodnight to the bad guy!"

[Drunken Master]
Niggas gamble wit' they life when they violate the zone
of a desperado hustler, tryin' to get my grind on
Stayin' focused with my mind on them chedder chips
Livin' well but tryin' to get that better shit
like a candy-coated hummer wit' the drop-top
Beatin' up your block, bumpin' underground 'Pac
Ballin, on the road to the riches
Never stallin, voice mail full of record labels callin'
'cause they know a nigga' gifted
but fuck fame. The niggas got the game twisted
Gettin' lifted, representin' Shadyville
Drunken Master, soldier in the feel
Shit is real. Write it down and remember
Number one contender, cold as December
Never sober, ridin' 'til it's over
Mixtape soldier, I told 'cha

['Scarface' samples]
WHO DO I TRUST?! ME!!" ("ME!! ME...")

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