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The Formula

Drunken Master

[Drunken Master]
High energy, flowin' wit' the wisdom
Chedda like a rich man, ridin' on the rhythem
This is what I'm usin' to make your woman smile
So I interact wit' the crazy Drunkenstyle
Got 'cha nervous for a second, then you start grinnin'
when you recognize this nigga Dre can't be faded
Call me Drunken Master. D-to the R-E
Bitches ready to LEAP on my dick when I make it
Never catch me slippin' 'cause I'm heated on the regular
Huntin' niggas sown like my name was Dre the Predator
Don't get it twisted, I still chase the cashin'
Bring the beef and I'm the first to start blastin'
Mashin' wit' my nigga Willie Will
Drunken Master Entertainment, niggas know the deal
Ridin' wit' the talents that my momma had born to her
Drunkenstyle '99, nigga. This the formula

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. What's the deal out
there, ya heard? This is Jadakiss representin' L-O-X, ya heard? Wit' my
man Drunken Master, Drunkenstyle, ya know? Keep bangin'."

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