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Drunky Nun

Please stay with him
He's still so egoistic
He's still so jealous
Maybe violent but he needs you
He can be calm
He can make you smile
Maybe violent but he likes to fight with you

Why don't you love him as he loves you ?
What can he do to be the one for you ?

Please don't leave him
He's still so young
He's still so dumb
Maybe crazy but you're so fun
You're so beautiful and you're so cool
Maybe strange but you like to fight with him

Fallin' in Fallin' out
He don't care of what you think about
Cause for him you're the only one
And you are fallin in his heart

When he saw you for the first time
He knew you were made for him
He knew you made his destiny
You made a trouble in his heart
You made a trouble in his brain

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