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Little Cloud

Drunky Nun

I don't know much about You
I don't know if I know Enough
But I know what love can do
& this time I just think it's love
Should we try ? Am I the one ?
I think so but don't ask me why
& Tomorrow Yes I know
I'm sure as hell my love will grow

I don't know much About You
I don't know if I know Enough
But I don't care I wanna share
'Cause you know the life's better in pair
Once again age's different
I don't know yours Do you know mine ?
Older than me My heart is free
'Cause Loving you is not a crime

Do you wanna be my punksk8 girl
We'll fly away over the world
& find our little cloud

I make plans in my head
At night when I go to bed
I Won't lie I'm so shy
Make the first step I'll do the rest
I held you close a little dose
The hair on the back of my neck rose
I Hope at least We'll be friend
Going to punk shows hand in hand....

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