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From Victim To Killer

Dry Kill Logic

Fallen victim, feel the weight of the world
Crush the thought of what could have been
Will it end here? Have you given enough?
Did you reach your death bed alive?
Falling further than ever, no more
From victim to killer, forgive you for failing the mentor
Taking over what little is left of you
Your battle called self destruction isn't what it used to be
No hope for the disillusioned so forget what you see
There's not enough here to go around
So unfortunately you're the one with the shortest straw
And I guess that you is me, stand and defend
Save the little that's left
Never let the past show no regret, break the broken
Given all the remains and take heed from the silence spoken
No room for failure, depends on a lifeless center
Living for a shadow of closure
Leaving nothing but the chaos because of you
No hope for the disillusioned

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